Nuc Of Bees 2023


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Nuc of Bees 2023

Estimated pickup date is April 19th. Date subject to change.

A nuc or nucleus colony of bees is a great way for new beekeepers to start out. When a date is set all pre-order customers will receive updated information. The bees will come in a plastic Pro Nuc that is great for transporting your bees home safe. The Pro Nuc does not need to be returned.  The bees will have a combination of frames that include a laying queen with open and capped larvae, some honey stores and some pollen. This is everything that a starting hive needs to have to flourish.

I recommend a nuc for new beekeepers. Instructions will provided on your scheduled pickup date. Any questions that you have about the process will be gladly answered by our knowledgeable staff. We do suggest that you continue to feed your bees for several weeks depending on the nectar flow at the time to get the colony established.


The Pro Nuc Box can be reused in your apiary for splits or swarm catching.

Any date changes will be relayed to you as soon as we are informed.

We do not ship packages or nucs of bees so please plan accordingly when placing your order.


Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in


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