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Vass North Carolina NC, is home for Midnight Bee Supply. We strive to be the number one place to purchase the supplies, or equipment for your beehive. In Vass North Carolina NC, we have pre-cut Cypress or pine that allows you to build your own beehive. Feel free to contact one of our sells associates at 910-245-3188 that are knowledgeable on beekeeping. With a hands on project, you will learn more about beehives and how they operate.

Midnight Bee Supply Vass North Carolina

Here at Midnight Bee supply in Vass North Carolina NC, we offer a wide range of beehive equipment and even the beehive itself. From complete ready to use beehives, or a kit to build it yourself. We have beekeeping suits, and everything you shall need to start beekeeping.  We offer beginning beekeeper books for information about keeping bees in your yard, garden, and farm. Once you have decided to become a beekeeper, let Midnight Bee Supply provide you with your completely assembled (or unassembled) hive, and personal beekeeping protection. Again we are located in Vass North Carolina NC, our bee store is fully stocked with any and all supplies needed to build a beehive in your backyard. If you are not in the area of Vass North Carolina you can order supplies strait to your front door through our easy to use website.

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Our e-store has all your hive-related items and kits to build your own behive. We have everything the beekeeper might need in their day-to-day operations plus some. We offter beekeeping Starter Kits for the beginning beekeeper. All the basic items you need to start your beehive, you can even order your bees. We have assembled kits you can place in your backyard all ready to go, just add the honey bees. We have unassembled starter kits for the do-it-yourself individual that’s looking for a hands on project.

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